June 22, 2017
3 Levels of Kitchen Cabinets You Should Know About

There are three categories of kitchen cabinets you’ll hear about when you speak with salespeople, contractors, or when Googling for information about kitchen cabinets. The categories are: “stock,” “semi-custom” and...

June 15, 2017
Check out These 10 Unique Kitchens

Kitchen design has evolved rapidly in the past 100 years, and its evolution will continue to accelerate as the 21st Century unfolds, bringing new materials, technologies, sensibilities, and data to...

May 18, 2017
3 Things to do to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

You’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen, chosen an excellent contractor, and have spec’d out all the essential details of what’s going in: cabinets, appliances, new plumbing, new electrical,...

May 4, 2017
6 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Modern

Modern design’s two guiding principles are “form follows function” and “less is more.” Modernism – as a design aesthetic – began in Europe in the 1920s and its influence is...