Ed Rowland, the founder of NDA Kitchen Company, spent his entire adult life as a business owner in the remodeling industry. This translated to almost 35 years designing, building, selling and managing great re-modeling projects. In fact, remodeling for Ed is not just a job or a living but an adventure and a passion.

Quality Construction On Long Island For Over Twenty-Five Years

NDA Kitchen Company, a division of NDA Construction Inc., was formed in 1992. Few contractors on Long Island have both the ability to design and build, and for over 25 years that’s what NDA has done - and they do it well! Whether the project is a four day bathroom, a three week kitchen or a 6 week new home, NDA gets the job done.

An Elite Team of Long Island Contractors and Craftsmen

Today, the owner is available in the design, consulting and managing areas, making sure to maintain the standards set forth so many years ago, to ensure that every NDA experience is positive for all of our clients. We are an elite group of over 25 designers and contractors working hard to make sure our customers get the best service, design and product in the business.


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